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Boston Pizza Festival | Did I Eat $35 Worth of Pizza?

Boston Pizza

Slice Slice Baby!

I think it’s safe to say, everyone loves a good slice of pizza. That’s why when I heard about the Boston Pizza Festival with unlimited samples of pizza, I was sold. Until I saw the price. $35 for one ticket. Of course, it included unlimited samples of pizza but it didn’t include anything else. Not even one drink ticket. But it’s unlimited pizza. As you can see, I was absolutely torn about this decision…along with every other decision in my life. Who would have though adulting the second time around would be just as difficult?


Boston Pizza Festival

As you probably guessed, I bought the tickets. I had to see what this event was all about and it’s focused around pizza. What could go wrong? I was ready to eat as many slices as I possibly could. This is my kind of competition!

Tickets: $35 / $45 day of event / $20 under 10 years old

Hours: 12 – 8 PM (that’s a lot of pizza eating time)

Beer: $7 for Bud Light draft / $8 for other beer I was too cheap to buy

Water: $2 (I was actually surprised that they didn’t charge more)

You Want a Pizza Me?

Maybe it’s just me, but it drives me bananas when I purchase a ticket to an event and then all of a sudden a handful of fees pop up at checkout. Tickets were $40 each including the fees. Great, now I need to eat $40 worth of pizza. The Boston Pizza Festival was cash only. I wasn’t aware of this and don’t remember seeing that mentioned anywhere on the website. They did provide ATM’s for I’m sure the majority of the people, who don’t carry cash. If you were heading to the Boston Pizza Festival in City Hall Plaza, where do you think the entrance would be? Oh by the Government Center T stop? Don’t be silly – the entrance was on the side of Congress Street and just like everyone else around us, we made the same mistake of assuming where the entrance would be.

It’s Pizza Time!

Enough of me talking about the negatives! I’m not sure I would even consider them negatives but rather just miscommunications and compared to how it went last year, these were very minimal. By the way, I didn’t go last year but heard it was a little hectic.

The lines to get into the Boston Pizza Festival were short, quick and we had our ID’s checked right there too. There were 30 pizza vendors set up and ready to pass out their slices. From local pizza shops around Boston to Georgia and even Italy!

Final Review

Did I eat $35 (but really $40) worth of pizza? Absolutely not, but the weather was beautiful, most of the pizza was delicious and it really was a unique and fun experience. Oh and don’t forget – we were celebrating Kyle’s birthday! Would I go back again? Probably not for $35. I love pizza but after trying 13 samples, I didn’t want to look at another slice of pizza.

Leave a comment with your favorite pizza toppings. I’m a pepperoni girl myself and yes, I believe pineapple belongs on pizza!

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