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How I Used My Blog To Land a Job

It’s almost been 6 months since I’ve been working as a social media and promotions strategist. If you didn’t know already, I graduated in 2018 with my bachelor’s degree in marketing. I know, I know…a little late to the game but you know what they say, better late than never! When I first started my blog I knew it was going to open new doors but I never thought I could use my blog to land a job.

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Will Blog for Job

Would you believe me if I told you I had zero experience when I got hired as a social media strategist? Okay, well that’s not 100% true. I had 6 years of professional experience but nothing directly related to marketing. During those 6 years, I worked as a medical assistant and administrative assistant. Both of those positions didn’t really provide me with the skills I needed to jump into the marketing industry. However, I had the experience I gained from teaching myself everything that I needed to run my blog.

How I Used My Blog To Land a Job

When I first started blogging, I wanted to learn every aspect of creating a blog. I spent a lot of long nights reading tutorial after tutorial until I finally figured out what I was working on at that time. It was hard work but there’s no doubt that it paid off. From Google Analytics to collaborating with brands, each process opened the door to where I am today.

How can you do it?

Show Off Your Work

If you’re already running your own blog – add it to your resume ASAP. Obviously, only do this if you’re pursuing a career that is relevant to the industry. Be sure to include how long you’ve been blogging for, all the programs you use (WordPress, Canva, Tailwind, MailChimp, etc),  affiliate marketing, brand collaborations and how you analyze and process your data to set goals.

Create a space on your blog to show off your very best work. I made a portfolio page to display collaborations with brands, photographs I took and any custom images I created for myself or other brands. It was a great way to have all my work organized and displayed for potential employers.

Get Out There

If you don’t have your own blog and you’re looking for some experience, start one! It doesn’t have to bring in any income but use it as a portfolio of your writing and design skills. If you feel like that might be too much work, talk to some bloggers and ask if you could be a guest writer to put yourself out there. I’m always looking for people to share their story on my blog! If this is something you would be interested in, send me an email at

Use Caution

Now remember, you’re sending potential employers to your blog and social platforms. Is the material appropriate? Does your blog look put together and complete? For most of us, it’s always a work in progress but don’t share your blog unless you feel proud of what you have created and it can truly show off your skills.

How I Used My Blog To Land a Job

It might not seem like a “real job” because you only blog part-time but there are so many skills that are relevant to a career in marketing. Starting my blog was the perfect opportunity for me to start building the skill set that I needed to succeed. How did you gain the experience you needed when starting a career in a new industry?


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