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A Letter to Myself on Graduation

Dear Samantha,

The day is finally here – it’s the day of your graduation. The hard work, long hours and tears (lots of tears) have brought you right here to this moment. Take a second to do a dance, pat yourself on the back and even put your hands in the air because girl, you did it.

Image by Kelly Wilkins Photography

Don’t be nervous.

I know, I know…you probably shouldn’t have worn high heels to an event where you have to walk across a stage. Don’t let the feeling of being nervous take away from how proud you are of yourself right now. Pour yourself some champagne or take a quick shot if you need to. All the hard work is done and now it’s time for an entire arena to recognize your accomplishment. Not to put any more pressure about walking across that stage in heels.

Image by Kelly Wilkins Photography

Enjoy the moment.

No one likes to sit through a graduation, even when it’s your own but take everything in. This is YOUR graduation. I know you’ll probably get hungry and we all know what happens with that but be present. Don’t rush for it to be over even if it means a delicious lunch after. Reflect on the people who supported you to get here. And if anything, don’t be embarrassed to take a damn selfie. Maybe even make a few friends with those around you. You just never know who you might meet.

Image by Kelly Wilkins Photography


If the boring speeches start to get the best of you, think about all the memories you have made here. Not just at the arena but in the city of Manchester. The concerts you saw with Lindsay. Your first date with Kyle in New Hampshire. That time Rachel chipped your tooth at Murphy’s on St. Patrick’s Day. The random Thursday nights out with Kelly. The races you ran on Elm Street, some for competition and some to get to the next bar. All the country bands you saw with Landon. And now the time you graduated from college. Smile because you have made so many memories here with beautiful people. Well except the chipped tooth part. You might have not been involved directly in the SNHU community but this place has become part of you.

Image by Kelly Wilkins Photography


As you get ready to walk in just remember how proud I am of you and don’t you ever forget the emotions you are feeling right now. Thank you for never giving up even when it felt like this was all too much. But most of all, you have shown women everywhere what it’s like to believe in their dreams. You did it!

Image by Kelly Wilkins Photography

PS – please do everything in your power to not trip at graduation. I appreciate it


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