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Online Student: Why I Decided to Do College Online

Why I Chose to be an Online Student

You might remember a previous post about my not so typical college experience. Unfortunately, it wasn’t filled with parties or fun college roommates. Sometimes I think I would have never survived the living on-campus college life and the other part of me wishes I got to experience it. Even for just one semester.  My life had other plans and three years ago I decided to continue my education as an online student at Southern New Hampshire University. Deciding to be an online student was the best decision I made. Can you believe that I’ll be done in just 4 short weeks?!

Working Full Time

I started my journey as an online student at 23 years old. I had been working as a medical assistant full time for the last 3 years. It wasn’t an option for me to quit my job to go back to school full time. Also, the idea of going to school at night – after working 8 hours didn’t seem exciting one bit, especially to someone with a sleep disorder. Becoming an online student allowed me to continue to go back to school full time without interfering with my full time work schedule. Yes, it was a lot of hard work, self-discipline and motivation but it wasn’t impossible by any means. Even better, all while going to school online I have been building my professional experience. This will be extremely helpful when I start applying to jobs after graduation.

Social Life

Being newly divorced, I probably spent more nights out having fun more often than I should of. The thought of being committed to be at class certain nights a week turned me off. At SNHU, all of their online courses pretty much follow the same schedule. Initial discussion board posts are due on Thursday and assignments are due on Sunday. If I wanted to make it to a Lee Brice concert on a Thursday night – I could! All I had to do was bust my ass earlier in the week. I know how I am and if I felt like I was missing out, I would have most likely dropped out. I know, I know that sounds really stupid but I didn’t want to set myself up to fail.


One of the best parts of being an online student is taking your classes with you wherever you go. I’ve been able to still enjoy vacations and travel while being an online student. When I traveled to Hawaii, I was able to take a 10 day trip and still participate in my classes. I might have been able to still do this as a day or night student but only if it was during a school break. You know the times when everyone is traveling, it’s more expensive and the airports are packed with kids. No thanks! Most of my textbooks were online so I didn’t even have to worry about carrying around books through the airport.

Listen, I’m serious – if you want to go back to school but don’t want to miss out on these sort of things then really think about becoming an online student.

Just Do It

If you’ve been thinking about it, wondering what it would be like or maybe after reading this you feel inspired – take the first step and reach out to a school. I have had a great experience with SNHU’s online program and would recommend it to anyone.

Think about this. You work all day, come home to make dinner, maybe workout or get a few chores done then what? Most of us either turn to our TV or the endless scroll of Instagram to kill time before bed. Everyone thinks that they don’t have enough time but all it takes is prioritizing what is most important to you. Look at me – I work full time, go to school full time, work out a couple times a week, run my own blog and still have LOTS of spare time that I could be using to be more productive.

Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me if you have any questions on becoming an online student. Are you an online student too? I would love to learn about your experience!

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