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Travel in 2018

And the adventure begins

It’s always exciting to start a new year with a few trips already in the books. I wanted to share my upcoming travel plans and reach out for any suggestions of places I should be exploring this year. I feel that so many of us put “to travel more” on our goals each year.

Create a list, make plans and go travel!

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Ski Trip

Unfortunately with the recent weather, Kyle and I haven’t been able to make it to a mountain yet. Last year we were able to visit Pat’s Peak, Crotched Mountain and Okemo. We still have a gift card for Okemo that we forget to bring with us last time, so we have thought about going back again this year. Any suggestions for mountains to visit in New Hampshire or Vermont would be greatly appreciated. Growing up in Southern New Hampshire, I haven’t done much exploring besides the two nearby mountains. Fingers crossed that the weather will stay cold enough for snow but not too frigid that being outside is unbearable.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello, girls weekend! (kinda) One of my best friends is marrying the man of her dreams. (awwww, right?!) We were all invited to bring guests and even children but soon after finding out the details most of us decided on making it a girls trip. I know, I know…it’s always nice to have a date at a wedding. To be honest, when we all get together we act like we are back in middle school all over again. Which means, we are sort of obnoxious and annoying. We have booked our Airbnb and flights! We found the best deal by booking our flights through Expedia.

Side story: NINE years ago we adventured to Virginia Beach for our Senior trip. We are looking forward to feeling like we are 18 again (except now we can drink!) and enjoying some much needed quality time together. It’s funny because we have all traveled with each other since high school but it’s probably been since our senior trip that we traveled all together. I’ll update you on how that goes!


Kyle and I have had a few conversations about making a trip to Vermont sometime this year. We haven’t decided on exactly where (this is when you guys share all the good spots) but we know it will be a trip that consists of checking out some breweries. I’m hoping to do this sometime in the summer or fall to enjoy outdoor seating, warm weather and COLD beer.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Again, weddings are a beautiful reason to get together and enjoy a mini vacation. My cousin and her fiancé will be getting married on the Cape this summer. (#weddinggoals) I’ve only been to the Cape once and my parents have never been so we are planning to get down a day early and stay a couple days after to enjoy all that the Cape has to offer in the summer. (besides lots of traffic!) We have been searching for the perfect Airbnb and plan to book it this month. My aunt and uncle will also be staying with us which brings back all these childhood memories of vacationing with them in Florida.

I’m excited for some fun in the sun, family time and watching a beautiful couple say “I do”.

New York City

This one is a long shot with all of the events we have going on this year but Kyle and I would love to plan another trip to New York City. A few years ago, we did a weekend in the city and with it being my first time it was jam packed with sight seeing. It was a lot of fun – but absolutely exhausting. When I was in NYC with my mom for Thanksgiving, we didn’t have the time to explore as much as we would have liked to. I would love to check out the city again without feeling rushed to make it to the next tourist attraction.

Between birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation (YAY!) and just a reason to get together – it seems that the weekends are starting to book up quickly. If you have any suggestions on sites I should see, food I should eat or places I should go, feel free to leave a comment below!

What trips do you have planned for this year? Did you add “travel more” to your list of goals for 2018?

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about my travels in 2018!

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