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What I Learned from Working in Boston After Two Weeks

Working in Boston

It’s been a little over two weeks since I started my new job in Boston. Between learning everything at work to maneuvering myself around the city – my brain has been on overload. Here are 5 things I learned from working in Boston after just two weeks:

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Ditch the Bags

Flashback to two weeks ago, it’s my first day of work and I arrive with my purse and tote bag FILLED with anything and everything I could potentially need. What’s the problem? I like to be prepared! I quickly found out that this was not only obnoxious as I squeezed my way onto the T but my neck and shoulders were killing me as I lugged these bags through the city. By my second day, I decided to ditch the purse and dump out as much as I could from my bag. I’m now down to one bag with the necessities. Remember, it’s not like I have a car at work where I can keep a bunch of stuff that I might potentially but probably will never need.

Grab Anything

Remember when your mom used to tell you to not touch anything when you were in public places? Yeah, I know it’s gross but when you’re on the T and there’s no where to sit – you grab anything. And for the most part, you’re happy that you even have somewhere to grab. Just try not to grab the person standing next to you. And if you do, I promise it won’t go well.

Rain Gear is a Must

I learned the hard way. My second day of work consisted of what seemed like a hurricane landing right on top of Boston. Luckily, I was prepared with a raincoat but it didn’t do much as I battled the torrential downpour. My shoes were soaked as I walked through puddles that covered the top of my feet. Next time, I’ll be sure to grab my rain boots. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t expect anything else than a welcome from Boston that involved severe weather!

Dress for Comfort

My heels haven’t made it out once since I started working in Boston. I also try to wear layers so I can take something off in the nasty hot T station and put something on when I’m in the freezing cold A/C at work. I’ve been trying to wear flat and supportive shoes for walking in the city. Speaking of walking, I feel like all I do is walk. Not that I should be complaining about getting a little exercise in but let’s just say I got a shit ton of steps in over these last two weeks.

Keep the Small Talk at Home

I get it, kinda. You’re on your way to work or running to grab lunch real quick and don’t want to be bothered. But seriously, everyone is looking down at their phone with headphones in. No smiles. No hellos. Not even an excuse me. When I got lunch the other day a lady started asking me about the soup I ordered and I was actually hesitant to answer. Who is this person? Why is she asking me questions? What do I say? Mildly kidding – but you get the point. Everyone keeps to themselves, unless you’re in the way.

All of that aside, I LOVE my new job! I’m doing exactly what I want, my team is SO much fun and I enjoy working in the city. I know Boston will make me stronger but I hope I can rub off some of my small town love.

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